by n1lknarf

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released April 7, 2014



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n1lknarf Havana, Cuba

Sound designer and musician from Cuba.

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Track Name: Bang!
I don`t care if you stay
I don`t care if you leave
you're always yellin the same
well babe now you have the chance
i don`t care for myself
you know i don't care for myself
so just pull the fuckin' trigger

bang! just do it
so i can for once a peacefull night in my home
fuck you, i hate myself and everyone
bang! come on do me a favour and blow up my skull

wait jaja why did you hesitate
oh tell me why did you hesitate
oh why you say that you can't
oh for god's sake
point it right to my face
just point the fucking gun to my face
damn it, gimme me that
i will do it myself
but hey i got a better idea
come here you bitch

bang! and that's it
i think i'm gonna party right now
hey man keep up the beat (ok)
where's the phone.... bip bip bip
what's up!!!! hey dude grab a sixpack
let's party
Track Name: Little Robot
if i could erase myself
why the time don`t pass over me?
in my shoes i got my love

shooting down all the green
making stars with the dirt
close your eyes to start

and rise
Track Name: Lonely Today
I`ve become a smarter man
Now i know when to speak
`Cause sometimes it`s better not to say
A single word
When it`s too late

I let her go and now i regret
That i never ever treat her like she deserves
And now It`s too late
For say I`m sorry again

So now I`m lonely today
`Cause it`s too late

So now I AM
A shadow of a man
`Cause I can`t get
Rid of all this pain
That makes me think
All the time
That it`s too late